Retailers Continue to Love the iPad

GuessGUESS, Inc. is the latest retail giant to embrace the iPad as part of their sales strategy.

Announcing today that they have integrated the the VeriFone GlobalBay solution into a dozen of their US-based retail stores, the “popular designer and distributor of one of the world’s leading lifestyle collections of contemporary apparel and accessories for men, women and children” has taken a significant technological step forward.

The excitement behind the new integration was described by Michael Relich, GUESS Inc.’s Executive Vice President and Chief Information Officer, stating that “VeriFone’s GlobalBay iPad Retailing solution provides GUESS with the flexibility to easily configure, customize and deploy multiple customer engagement capabilities and staff training content on the fly.” He went on to describe the experience their customers can expect by stating that they will now be able to “access our online resources in the store and sales associates can roll the iPads into the dressing room to visually display options and accessories to make shopping more fulfilling and enjoyable.”

The beauty of the VeriFone GlobalBay app is that retailers do not have to be technology experts or programmers in order to configure and use their tablets with the system. They offer a way for retailers to leverage their existing POS, e-commerce, and store systems while using a real-time interface to give access to web-based assets and e-commerce transactions when required.

This isn’t the first news we have heard where global fashion has embraced the use of the iPad to support their brand and achieve their initiatives. In 2011, Saks Fifth Avenue used a myriad of iPads to create a window display in honor of Fashion’s Night Out while other big names like Nordstrom and Victoria’s Secret have deployed their own highly-successful iPad apps.

These innovations are good news for Apple as they represent the adoption of their technology to assist in real-world scenarios that are of benefit and use to consumers. If you are at the jewelery counter at JC Penny and you can view ring styles, cuts, sizes and metals that are not currently in stock but still available delivers a level of customer service that is virtually (pun intended) unparalleled.

With online shopping becoming so convenient and hassle-free, brick and mortar stores need to find new ways to provide customer satisfaction and enjoyment for those who still want to do things ‘the old-fashioned way’… and this might be just the key to doing that.

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