iHome Launches New iOS Speaker Docks at CES


The International CES tradeshow is like Christmas all over again for technology geeks, featuring the newest of the new goodies and gadgets each year. Next week iHome is debuting a new line-up of Clock Dock iOS alarm clock speaker docks for use with your iPad, iPhone and iPod.

Let’s be honest, our iPhones, iPads and iPods are on our nightstands anyway (heck, I noticed my 3 year old keeps her iPod Touch on her nightstand as well and she didn’t come up with that out of nowhere I’m sure!), so why-not have a really great speaker dock to set them on and use them to listen to our music and wake us up in the mornings? Doesn’t hurt that they’ll charge at the same time either!

Fortunately, iHome understands us and is releasing three new products that look worthy of our attention:

iW4 AirPlay Wireless 20 Watts Bedside Speaker System for iPad/iPhone/iPod – Designed to work with AirPlay this speaker dock will use your home WiFi network to play all of your favorite music from your entire iTunes library. With a retail price of $269.99 this is a lovely way to listen, sleep or wake up in just the way you prefer.
iP18 LED Color Changing Dual Alarm Clock Speaker System for iPhone and iPod – If you tell me that something has color changing LEDs, there is nothing more that you need to say because I already know I need to own it. This alarm clock speaker boasts being ultra-modern and stylish and I think that goes without saying. The compact cube design makes it a good option for anybody with space constrains and the four color-changing modes make it fun and whimsical. Debuting at a retail price of $69.99 this is an affordable way to listen to your favorite music over Reson8 speaker chamber technology.
iD50 App-Enhanced Bluetooth Alarm Clock Radio Speakerphone for iPad/iPhone/iPod with AM/FM Presets – There is a reason why The Big Bang Theory stereo-typed that geeks will love anything with Bluetooth… because it’s true! And really, when iHome describes this one as ‘the alarm clock you’d expect to see on James Bond’s nightstand’ the alarm clock speaker dock becomes a little difficult to resist. Retailing for $169.99 this little unit promises to “stir you to wake rather than shake you.” Brilliant!

These, as well as a few other models will be available for order later this year. The most difficult thing we will have to decide is choosing which one to buy.

iHome is a division of SDI Technologies and has been delivering first-class iOS compatible products since 2005.

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