The President of the United States Joins the Instagram Phenomenon

Instagram recently announce from their blog that President Barack Obama has joined the ranks of the social photography group. In welcoming the President, Instagram writes, “We look forward to seeing how President Obama uses Instagram to give folks a visual sense of what happens in the everyday life of the President of the United States.”

Instagram is a fantastic app that was developed by a very small team of people with a passion for photography and a knack for writing social networking programs.  Users snap photos of what they are doing in the moment and post it to a sharable account where friends and family can “like” it, “favorite” it and post comments. It is basically Facebook for pictures only.

The app hit the App Store in October of 2010 and skyrocketed to one of the top free apps in the App Store, reaching 15 million users in just over a year. Its simple use and fun photo effects makes it the perfect app for sharing memories on the fly.

Instagram is fast becoming another social networking site for political news coverage. NBC News, ABC World News and the Washington Post all have accounts. You can follow the President and see what he is up to through his Instagram account, @barackobama. Additionally, the President’s campaign staff is asking supporters to share their own photos of the campaign trail by including the tag, #obama2012.

Congratulations to Instagram for having the most important political figure in the world join your team. We all look forward to seeing what Mr. Obama shares with us.

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