Google Android Market Reaches 400,000 Apps

Last week, Google reached a milestone with its Android App Market by having 400,000 active applications worldwide in its app store.

Google Android Market has taken a bit longer to reach the 400K milestone than Apple’s App Store, which hit the 400K mark in June of 2011. It looks like Apple’s biggest competitor in the app market is starting to catch up, but does the quality stand up to the same standard?

Apple took 22 months to reach 200,000 apps while Google Android took 31 months. However, it only took four months for the Android Market to increase from 200K to 300K, while Apple’s App Store needed twice as much time, eight months, to reach the same milestone.

Apple is still the leader in terms of revenue generated. Research firm Distimo reported in December that Apple’s App Store revenue was six times higher than Google’s Android Market. Freemium apps appear to be working for both markets. According to Distmo, “Half of the revenue of the 200 top grossing apps in the Apple App store for iPhone is now generated by freemium apps.”


The Google Android Market is now the largest store in the world for free apps. Approximately 250,000 of all apps in the Android Market are free or “freemium.” Google’s free apps account for 68 percent of its market while 65 percent of revenue is generated from freemium apps. There is no question that this model is a big money maker, but are apps like Farmville really the best quality apps for using your mobile device to the best of its ability? Apple’s rigorous guidelines for approval seem to be working to advantage developers because users are also looking for reliability and quality they can trust. Developers might feel like they will have better luck selling their app in Apple’s App Store than in wilds of Google’s Android Market.

[via: Distimo, Softpedia]

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