Thomas & Friends: Engine Activities – iPad Game Review

Thomas & Friends: Engine ActivitiesThose of you with a little person in your house are likely very familiar with Thomas the Train. He’s become a staple in our house which means this app was an instant hit.

A series of activities including an in-app coloring book, puzzles and matching memory game make this a fun app for younger children especially.

The coloring book feature includes a variety of images to choose from and 3 paint-brush sizes to be combined with a number of available paint colors. Finished pictures can be saved and shared, which is always a treat for kids of all ages

When your child successfully completes the puzzles included in this app, a film-clip style animation plays which is a very satisfying reward. Each puzzle can be set to an easy or hard difficulty level which changes the number of pieces in each.

The matching memory game is not unlike many others you have seen, though with each flip of a card there are sound effects and audio clips played which adds an extra dimension and a lot more fun! This game can also be set to easy or hard difficulty levels so your child can up the ante once they get the hang of it.

The app itself comes with content for Pop Goes the Thomas and Creaky Cranky. If your child longs for more to do in this app, Wobbly Wheels & Whistles as well as the Lion of Sodor content can be purchased in-app in order to extend the game-play.

What I liked: Familiar voices and images make this app comforting and appealing for small children.

What I didn’t like: When working with toddler-aged children I actually prefer when apps with coloring components make it easier and/or force you to stay within the lines. I found the pictures in this app had a high level of detail but very little control over the paint-brush (regardless of size) which is frustrating for children learning to color neatly.

To buy or not to buy: If Thomas is a family-favorite, this app is sure to please.

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