Refuse to Grow Up While Enjoying The Adventures of Peter Pan – iPad App Review

The Adventures of Peter PanEven though The Adventures of Peter Pan is an app designed for children ages 3-10, the story appeals to the child that refuses to grow up in all of us. We are all familiar with the way this one goes. With the help of his fairy sidekick, Tinkerbell, Peter Pan takes his new friends, Wendy and John Darling to the magical and imaginary Neverland. The story is rounded out with appearances from the always adorable Lost Boys and the legendary (and frightening) Captain Hook.

What makes this app special is the commitment to teaching your child how to read and comprehend the story itself. With a few simple clicks you can isolate and highlight all of the vowels on the page, or have certain terms underlined and explained in detail (many with pictures to help them understand).

A few of my favorite features are present in this interactive book, such as the word-highlighting as the narrator moves through the text. You can also have the text appear as handwriting for those kids who are learning to read something other than a computer screen or printed text. Finally, you can also tap on individual words to have the narrator read each one aloud.

Tapping on the storybook images brings them to life, many with rather complex animations that are almost like mini-movies.

What I liked: Labeled as edutainment, this is the kind of app that I adore. Your children will actually come out ahead as better readers when they use apps like this.

What I didn’t like: The app really pushes you to get the other books by the same developers. While I appreciate their desire to sell other products, it’s a little in your face and distracts from the quality of each individual book.

To buy or not to buy: If you have a little one that is learning to read then I can’t recommend this one enough.

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