Richie Rich Comics Reader – iPad App Review

Richie Rich ComicsSelf-described as an “altruistic adventurer” with a “mix of James Bond and ‘Indy’ with the bank account of Donald Trump” makes Richie Rich sound like the perfect leading character for an exciting comic book series. Fortunately for those of us who love comic books, this is the case and the issues can be read within the Richie Rich Comics app.

All new adventures can be purchased for your reading enjoyment as well as digital versions of the classic Richie Rich stories. I took a browse through the preview material available and was rather impressed with how easy they were to read and flip through –almost as if they were always intended for viewing on the screen like this.

Browse the issues by cover art or as a list, making them easy to flip through and decide between. For those that want to dip their toes without a lot of commitment, there are several previews available which do well at giving you a good feel for the interface and what to expect.

Once you have made a few purchases (or selected a few previews), those issues can be easily seen and revisited by going to the ‘My Comics’ section of the app. This gives you a newsstand style view of each one making it easy to browse.

I think the description given by the developer says it all: “These stories are so swell they will make you feel like a millions bucks!”

Richie Rich Comics Screenshot

What I liked: Whether you are comfortable reading an entire page at a time on the screen of your iPad or viewing these comics on your iPhone and needing to zoom in and slide each page around to read them, the interface is responsive and easy to work with.

What I didn’t like: It can be rather expensive to view all of the issues with each one resulting in a requisite in-app purchase. While it is perfectly reasonable given the price you would pay to buy these as print-issues, it would be nice to have a bulk-buy price or some kind of discount program if you want to buy several issues.

To buy or not to buy: If you like comics and you can’t resist Richie Rich, this is a great app and one you will have a lot of fun with.

  • App Name: Richie Rich Comics
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0.1
  • Category: Books
  • Developer: Ape Entertainment
  • Price: Free (with in app purchases)
  • Score:

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