Apple Designs Face Recognition for iOS Devices

As PadGadget has been keeping up on reports of Apple’s submitted patents, we continue to learn about designs to create better security systems for technology.

In September, the US Patent & Trademark Office published the company’s patent design for a theft detection system that would sense movement and set off an alarm in laptops. Now, Patently Apple has reported that Apple has applied for a patent for a system for iOS devices that would recognize a person’s presence and face to turn on the device.

This new feature would bypass the need for password protection or even manually get to the home screen.

Apple’s design would seek to solve the problem that facial recognition software has by creating an image processor that segregates parts of the face into components in order to match them to the reference model.

According to the patent request, most facial recognition software struggles with matching faces because of things like varying angles and positions of the user’s features, causing a mismatch in the image processor. By separating features like the eyes and mouth when processing, Apple believes the image processor could then be programmed to read additional calculations to adjust the reference model with the captured image and match them accordingly.

The presence recognition part of the patent refers to the device sitting, untouched and in sleep mode, but the camera would still be active. In this situation, the device would “wake up” when the camera detected the presence of someone nearby and would further display a specific message if it recognized the face of the person in front of it. Imagine the funny things you could program your friend’s iPhone to say if you managed to sneak it away from him for a moment.

An additional level of security in Apple’s patent includes the potential design for the system to detect a person’s level of attentiveness, which would combat potential thieves from simply using a picture to match the facial recognition in the software.

With all of Apple’s designs for the future, we may get our jetpacks yet.


[Patent Information and Images via Patently Apple]

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  • Warren

    Call me paranoid, but the reason i do not share much interest in this tech is because I’ve seen Demolition Man.  People today force people to go to ATMs and withdraw money.  WHAT do you THINK this will make criminals do?  Certainly not get a facelift.  I’m posting the negative, but there are SO MANY possibilities in the ‘perfect world’.  I would rather have a chip installed on my body.

  • Anonymous

    Funny, my Galaxy Nexus already does this.