Nintendo To Build App Store For Upcoming Wii U

The Daily has just reported that Nintendo is planning to launch a full-blown app store for its upcoming game console, Wii U, that may take a page from Apple’s App Store design.

Nintendo has been lagging behind in the console gaming market for some time now.  The Wii was a fantastic new piece of technology that quickly got lost in the shuffle with the release of the new PlayStation and Xbox consoles that offer a more intense gaming experience without making you get off the couch.

The hub-bub about Nintendo’s newest console release is creating quite a stir in the gaming industry with its innovative use of a touch screen controller that may be usable with or without the rest of the console. The controller’s tablet-like design and 6.2 inch screen will have access to apps that operate independently, such as MLB.TV.

Nintendo already has its own internal game store that can be accessed through the Wii Shop or the DSi Shop, but rumor has it that Nintendo is planning on going big with an app store to rival Apple’s own.

Will Wii U compete with set-top boxes like the Roku and Apple TV? With the rumored technology, it is possible that Nintendo will be able to create an “AirPlay” style tablet controller that will allow users to access apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus that can then be played through the game’s console, virtually turning the Wii U into a full-featured media hub.

Of course, these are just rumors. Nintendo may just keep its app store design as-is with a point system the way it does with WiiWare and DSiWare. We still have a few months before we find out.

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  • Warren

    I’ve been waiting for this since the 3DO Console.  But from Sega AND Nintendo and future companies and indies.  Thank God for Newgrounds.