Looking for Great Accessories for Your iOS Devices? How About A Game Controller

Gaming accessories for iOS devices are clever, fun and hard to find. The few out there tend to be either too expensive or lacking in usability. New iPhone and iPad owners will soon discover that the touch screen feature can be hard on the thumbs when playing games that use a virtual joystick and action buttons.

It appears that 60Beat has come up with a solution with an accessory that will make you feel like you are playing a traditional console game with a hand-held controller.

The GamePad looks like the controller that comes with most gaming consoles, complete with dual analog sticks, a D-Pad and 10 action buttons. Frankly, I’ve never played an iPad or iPhone game that required 10 action buttons, but there is no such thing as overkill in the gaming world. It is ergonomically designed and has a four-foot cord. In case you need to be four feet away from your iOS device for some reason.

The controller gets its juice directly from the iPad or iPhone by plugging into the device’s headphone jack. Don’t worry, though. You’ll still be able to play Infinity Blade while the rest of the family watches The Backyardigans. The plug comes with an audio splitter so that you can still plug your headphones in.

I’ve tried all manner of gaming accessories, and they work just fine. But, I’ve never seen something that looked more perfectly matched for living room gaming than the GamePad.

It is available from the company’s website and costs about the same as any other console game controller at $49.99.

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