iPad 3 to Get New High-Capacity Battery

iPad Battery

No matter how impressed we are with the batteries in our electronic devices, we can always use one that lasts longer and lets us do more between charges. This is a particular concern when we consider devices such as the up and coming iPad 3 upgrade that promises more power, more features and in the end… more demand for battery power. Well according to DigiTimes, Apple is addressing this with increased battery capacity.

The new battery will feature 14,000mAH which is more than double the current battery in the iPad 2 which has only 6,500mAH. How this translates into device-use time is really a wildcard though, because how long that battery will last is completely dependent on the features included in the device. Ultimately I am pretty satisfied with how long my iPad 2 runs without recharging, so I would be satisfied as long as the new version runs equally as long with the expected higher-power requirements that seem inevitable.

The same sources DigiTimes was citing also indicated that Apple intends to release two versions of their third-generation tablet, one for the high-end range of the market and another for the mid-range. Of course, nobody knows what this means –and it could translate to the differing storage options (16GB/32GB/64GB) or even the WiFi only vs. WiFi and 3G models that are also currently available.

Unfortunately Apple’s battery supplier, Simplo Technology and Dynapack, was unwilling to comment on this rumor, citing that they will not share details regarding their clients. As you can imagine, Apple has also refrained from weighing in on these rumors.

The truth of it all will have to wait until the launch of the iPad 3, which could happen as early as January but seems more likely to happen in March. Now, releasing the updated tablet at iWorld in late January would be near the anniversary of the original iPad launch… which is the type of event Apple does like to commemorate. The possibility also exists that the launch will be announced but units wouldn’t ship until the more-commonly heralded March timeline.

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