GameStop’s iOS Trade-In Program Quite Successful


It seems that anything that begins with a lowercase ‘i’ is headed for success and such is the case with iTrades. The new program, created by GameStop, allows United States visitors to “trade in virtually any generation of iPad, iPhone, and iPod for either cash or store credit.” The only catch is that the devices need to be free of personal engraving and cannot show excessive wear or damage (including dents, scratches on the screen or water damage).

Once traded-in, the used devices will be sold by the existing GameStop locations.

Details are still rolling in, but the program has so far exceeded the expectations of GameStop president Tony Bartel. His prediction is that many people will be using the program post-holidays as their older devices were upgraded to the newer models this season.

The store advertises offering up to USD $70 for used iPod Nanos, $180 for an iPod Touch, $300 for an iPhone and $400 for an iPad though for actual numbers and details you will need to make a quick visit to one of GameStop’s many retail locations. The prices do look enticing when you consider these old devices could look like apps or other accessories for your new device instead of just collecting dust.

In addition to their trade-in program and subsequent selling of Apple devices, GameStop has also entered the tablet game by selling an array of new Android tablets. With the success of mobile-device gaming, this is an impressive and important step forward for the retailer. GameStop is currently the world’s largest independent videogame retailer and one of the primary places gamers go for their desktop and console gaming needs.

This program may be a good thing for Apple directly as well. If you know you can get a little something for your old device, are you more likely to upgrade to the latest and greatest models?

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