Must Have iPad Accessories for New iPad Owners

So many shiny new iPads were unwrapped in yesterday’s frosty morning hours. So many books, magazines, games and other apps were downloaded within minutes of the decorative paper being torn off. The iPad has just jumped in ranks as the holiday season comes to a close.

Now that you have your new Apple tablet, how will you protect it? How will you display it? What kinds of accessories will you need to increase your productivity?

Boy, have we got a list for you.  Learn about display stands, cases, keyboards, bags and all manner of accessories that you can’t live without. For additional accessory information, check out our Gear Reviews page to find the perfect addition to your iPad.

Clam Case Known for having one of the best case-sized Bluetooth keyboards, the ClamCase is the perfect case for iPad owners looking for a little more from their tablet. It turns your touch screen into a netbook with one snap. The hinged screen holder can be flipped around, turning your laptop-style case into a convenient display stand. It comes in black, white and limited editions, Star Wars-inspired “Trooper.” It costs $149 and there is a model for the first generation iPad and the iPad 2.


iCade The iCade can best be described as a frivolous purchase, but fans of Atari classic games, and arcade nostalgia will flip for this creative iPad display. Using Bluetooth technology, the iCade lets you use a real joystick and buttons in place of the virtual ones that so many games have. The price is hefty for a display case that is neither convenient nor useful, but it sure looks great on your coffee table. It is $99, but goes on sale often. It can be used with any Bluetooth enabled device, but is only compatible with a handful of apps.



IPEVO Perch Stands Now that you have the most popular tablet device in the world, you will need a way to display it that says stylish, yet functional. The IPEVO Perch Stands do just that. With a sleek, classic look, the V-shaped legs hold your iPad in place at a variety of heights. The small model is intended for tabletop standing so your iPad can double as a desktop. The medium stand is perfect for use while sitting. The largest model is podium style and intended for use while standing. They come in black and white and there are models available for the first generation iPad and the iPad 2.


Apple Wireless Keyboard When it comes to wireless keyboards, nothing beats Apple’s own. New iPad users will discover that, while convenient for typing website addresses or posting a quick message on Facebook, the native touch screen keyboard is a bit of a pain while trying to type large amounts of words. If you plan on using your iPad for writing papers, articles, blogs, or anything that takes more than a few sentences, you may want to invest in a Bluetooth enabled keyboard. Apple’s Wireless Keyboard is the best of the best. It is slim, lightweight and full-featured. The keyboard will set you back $69.99 and is compatible with any Bluetooth enabled device that uses a keyboard, including your Mac or iPhone.


iRig Musicians will discover many apps that will allow them to create and edit entire albums with just a touch. No musician should be without the iRig. This adaptor will allow you to plug your guitar directly into your iPad for use will a multitude of interface apps. You can turn your iPad into a virtual pedal board, a synthesizer, a recording studio and all manner of things that you will want to be able to plug your guitar in to use.  The iRig costs $39.99 and is compatible with both generations of the iPad, plus the iPhone and iPod touch.


Nomad Brush The artists out there will quickly learn how amazing some of the painting, sketching and drawing apps are for the iPad. To take your artistic endeavor to the next level, pick yourself up a Nomad Brush. This fantastic paintbrush stylus will allow users to feel like they are really painting on a canvas. Created by  an artist and architect, the brush is made of natural and synthetic fibers that are highly conductive to touch screens. There are currently three styles of Nomad, short tipped, long tipped and a mini brush. They cost $24 each and can be used on any touch screen device.



Duo Stylus Obviously, you bought the iPad for its amazing touch screen capability. However, there are times when a pen-like instrument would be better for your iPad activity. You may need to pick up a handy stylus. The Duo Stylus is a multi-use accessory that acts as both a stylus and a pen. The soft, rubber tip acts like a fingertip on the iPad, allowing you to write notes, draw graphs, or even play games. If you need to write on paper, just flip the Duo Stylus over for quick and convenient access to a regular pen. The Duo Stylus is $29.95 and comes in black and white. It can be used on any touch screen device.



Vogel’s RingO Universal Mounting System Once you’ve had your iPad for a few weeks, you will realize how versatile it is. Use it as a cookbook, a picture frame, a book, a baby monitor (FaceTime with another iDevice), a television. The list goes on. What you will need is a universal mounting kit that will let you put your iPad anywhere, anytime. Vogel’s RingO is a system that allows you to mount your tablet in the car on a wall, on a tabletop or virtually anywhere. Using a unique RingO System and a case, you can change out the various mounts, depending on your need. The system runs anywhere between $69.99 and $119.99. The systems are available for both generations of iPads.


Targus Spruce EcoSmart Mini Messenger Bag For traveling with your iPad, nothing says style like a Targus. The EcoSmart is designed to snugly hold your iPad, plus pens, credit cards, power cords, and all manner of traveling necessities.  It is rugged without looking like a hiker’s backpack. This useful bag will only set you back $39.99 and fits both generations of iPads.




IPADKET Headrest Mount Instead of investing in expensive televisions for the backseat, why not turn your iPad into a veritable media station for the squirmy passengers. The IPADKET utilizes a convenient Velcro strap that allows you to mount your iPad to the back of your car’s seat. This easy-to-install car seat mount is only $29 and will fit both generations of iPads.



iPad Cleaning Cloth For some reason, Apple decided to stop including the large microfiber cleaning cloth with your iPad kit. Luckily, the iPad Cleaning Cloth has you covered.  Made from a high-quality micro fiber cloth, this cleaner will remove your smudges with 100 percent satisfaction guaranteed. The cloth will run you $5.49 a piece and includes free shipping and handling. You can even have them customized for an additional charge and minimum unit purchase.



If you are looking for other ideas for your new iPad, check out our list of must have game apps and must have iPad productivity and utility apps.

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  • Hawaiifundiver

    Don’t forget your new Trent Portable charger. It’s awesome and can charge your iPad 1.5 times and iPhones up to six times.

  • Tablet Accessories UK

    Tablets would be great for the work place. I know lots of people that take a laptop and notepad to meetings still. If you want to sketch something out a laptop is not very good at that. But a tablet with keyboard should be the best of both worlds.

  • xtinaaa6

    Personally, I like a cleaning cloth that has 2 sides, similar to LYNKtec’s Smart Cleaning Cloth. One soft side, to get rid of grease and smudges and a fine smooth side to keep it shiny.