iPad and iPhone Shoppers Drive 92% of Mobile Commerce

If you did any holiday shopping on your iPhone or iPad this year, you’re not alone. According to a new report by retail analysis firm RichRelevance, Apple’s iDevices were responsible for 92 percent of online retail mobile sales during the month of December.

Though more people are using Android phones, it’s not Android owners who partake in mobile online shopping. iPhone and iPad owners also tend to spend more when shopping on their mobile devices. On average, iDevice users are spending 19% more than those using Google’s platform for mobile purchases.

RichRelevance’s study analyzed 3.4 billion shopping sessions between the months of April and December. December’s 92 percent iDevice market share is up from 88 percent back in April. Apple may only have a small portion of the worldwide device market share, but the growth of the iOS platform is responsible for far more revenue in many markets.

When purchasing gifts this year, iOS users spent an average of $123, while Android users spent $101 and traditional desktop users spent $87. Mobile shopping only represents 3.74 percent of the total retail dollars spent in the United States, but that’s a number that continues to grow as we get more comfortable trusting our devices with our finances and the ease of use and convenience of mobile shopping increases. Sales from mobile devices have grown from 1.87 percent in April to today’s 3.74 percent.

Why are iDevice owners doing so much more mobile shopping? It’s the user interface and the frustration free browsing and purchasing experience, through both the mobile browser and shopping apps. “In order to succeed in this dynamic market, retailers and brands must ensure they are addressing relevance throughout the channels where people are shopping, ensuring a seamless experience across the interplay of device, context, and consumer behavior,” said David Selinger, RichRelevance CEO.

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