Google Nexus May Cause Problems for PC Tablets

According to DigiTimes, Google’s upcoming tablet release, the Nexus, may be a thorn in the side of PC vendors who are cooperating with the Android-maker to launch the upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich operating system for PC-based tablets.

Google’s executive chairman Eric Schmidt told Italian reporters about plans for the upcoming tablet release. It turns out the Nexus will be powered by Android 4.1. This is a concern for PC tablet vendors because Ice Cream Sandwich, which is expected to be included in most tablets, and is powered by Android 4.0.

Vendors fear that consumers will postpone tablet purchases, opting for the newer version of Android that appears to be exclusive to Google’s new device.

While this may not be an intentional withholding of updated technology on the part of Google, it does cause one to question timing of the release of Android 4.0 for the majority of PC tablets as Google conveniently waits around for Android 4.1 to be ready for market.

Asustek Computers, Acer and Lenovo will all have released models of tablets with the 4.0 operating system by early 2012, which will be upgradable when the new Android operating system is available.

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  • Anonymous

    gee whiz. no one but techies cares whether their new tablet runs x.0 or x.1 of any OS, unless there are major bugs in x.0 that x.1 fixes. which i hope is not the case with ICS. 

    the deciding factor for the upcoming wave of ICS Android tablets will instead be price. the race to the bottom is now turning into a panicked rush, thanks to Amazon’s Fire.