GameChanger – A Game Board for iPad

The GameChanger provides an innovative new way to use the iPad’s technology to connect with friends and family over board games. With GameChanger, the whole family can gather around the iPad to play games like Animal Mania and The Magic School Bus.

It’s as simple as choosing a game app and placing a game skin on the GameChanger.

The game pieces go on the board, and the iPad is able to interact with 48 different pressure fields to turn the GameChanger into a living game board.

The GameChanger package includes a 25” x 11” game board, 4 game skins, and 4 flexible multi-game playing pieces. There are only a few games currently available, which are oriented towards children, but the company plans on releasing more game skins and accompanying apps in the future as separate purchase.

Each game piece is able to interact with the iPad, which keeps track of whose turn it is. The GameChanger also asks questions, assigns tasks, and allows players to spin a virtual spinner before moving across the game board. All games are tracked and guided, preventing rule disputes, cheating, and disagreements.

When not in use, the GameChanger folds up compactly for storage. If you’ve got kids, this might just be a great Christmas present that the whole family can enjoy. The GameChanger can be purchased in several retail locations such as Target, Meijer, Toys R Us, and Frys. It can also be purchased online on the Apple Store website for $59.99.

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