Schmidt Says Google Will Launch ‘Brutal Competition’ to Apple’s iPad in 6 Months

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt recently interviewed with Italian newspaper Corriere Della Serra, and he had some interesting information to share. According to the article, Google is planning to market a “high quality” tablet that is designed to compete with the iPad 2 within the next six months.

Schmidt commented that in mobile communications, and in the smartphone market, we will continue to see “brutal competition” between Apple and Google in the future. “It’s capitalism,” he remarked.

There was limited information available about the tablet in the interview, and because the article has been translated by Google Translate, it’s hard to discern the exact details surrounding the release.

This means that Google’s tablet could potentially be a Nexus-style device that’s been designed in-house and produced in cooperation with a hardware company like HTC or Samsung, but Schmidt’s statement could also refer to a partnership with an OEM. In such a partnership, Google would promote a third party device running its Ice Cream Sandwich platform, like the Motorola Xoom or the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Schmidt also mentioned that while the company is not currently working on new software that competes directly with Siri, it is continually working to improve existing Google voice technology. Existing voice technology, he says, can already do the things that Siri does, and future product releases will depend on the market and ever-increasing innovation. This is vague, but clearly refers to Google’s secret “Majel” voice transcription technology.

There have been rumors of a Nexus tablet, and Schmidt’s six month timeline puts Google’s release in the same timeframe as the release of Apple’s next generation iPad. If the device he’s talking about is indeed an official Nexus tablet, 2012 will be an exciting year for Android lovers eager to get a fully functional device, and for Apple enthusiasts who will reap the benefits of increased competition.

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  • Anonymous

    In 6 months Google MIGHT be able to compete with the original iPad. Meanwhile, in 3-4 months Apple will release the iPad 3. Good luck Google!

    A good friend bought the Kindle Fire this weekend — three words — piece of crap! I’m told the Kindle Fire is running a custom version of Android 2.3 as Android 4.0 ships on other devices. Brilliant!

  • Warren

     Compete?  I hope so, it seems all the other tried to copycat the iPad, but iFailed miserably.  The ONLY table that could even THINK about competing and defeating the iPad would be R2D2 or Twiki.  And ONLY because they can talk back and follow you around.  Okay okay, R2R2 has a hologram voice recorder too.