Netflix for iPad Update: Major UI Improvements


With Netflix having offered a significant update to their Android app last month, envious iOS users will be happy to hear about the updates now released for the iPad app. While quite a bit prettier, the new interface seen by users in United States, Canada and Latin America will give access to nearly twice the number of television shows and movies. This expansion to Latin America is very new and represents an extension of the company’s world-wide reach.

The new interface is entirely like the updated look for the Android, with optimizations having been made for use with a touch screen in ways that make scrolling much easier. The addition of a browse button allows used to search for content by category as well as an always-visible search box on the top right of the screen. Even more exiting is the change that brings up a pop-over box when you click on a thumbnail that gives a summary and instant access to begin watching and add to your instant queue.

Moves like this are important for Netflix now that the competition in the streaming-media game is heating up! With so many other services offering on-demand television shows and movies, Netflix is going to have to bring their A-game if they want to continue to dominate that market. One of the areas they excel is device support, with streaming available directly for the iPad, iPad 2, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S and fourth-generation iPod Touch 4G.

Even if the interface isn’t quite perfect yet, it offers significant improvement over the old design. It seems that Netflix is finally listening to the criticisms that people really want to be able to browse for content in a more complete and meaningful way.

Netflix can be downloaded from the app store for free though streaming television shows and movies will require an active paid subscription to the service.

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