Sentimental Value for Your iPad with Early Mac Cover

Retro Cover for iPad 2I have the fortune (and sometimes misfortune) to look at a lot of tech-gadget accessories and usually my reaction is one of ‘oh cool!’ or ‘same old, meh’, but today when I took a look at the Retro Cover for iPad 2 being sold by USBfever it became a moral imperative that I order one immediately. Why on earth wouldn’t I want a cover for the back of my iPad 2 that looks like the original Apple Macintosh?

I’m dating myself here because I -remember- when this computer hit store shelves back in January of 1984 and I am guessing that more than a few of you weren’t even alive yet.

There really isn’t any reason I can think of that makes this cover a bad idea. It is very thin at just 2.0mm and constructed from strong ABS that will serve to protect your iPad 2 from nicks and scratches while giving you a little something extra to grip. I probably would have figured out a way to use it anyway but thankfully this accessory can be used along with your Smart Cover so no need to give that up! Of course all of the requisite cutouts have been made so no buttons or ports are covered with the Retro Cover attached.

It only comes in beige of course, because the Macintosh computer only came in beige. But it’s circa-1984 Macintosh beige and will comfort you like a warm geeky blanket that makes you smile every time you lay eyes on it.

The Retro Cover for iPad 2 can be purchased directly from the USBfever website for US $36.99. If you act quickly it should still be here in time for Christmas and would make a wonderful gift for any of the techies on your list that may have a little (or a lot) of grey hair sneaking in.

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