Santa’s World – An Educational Christmas Game for Kids and Elves Alike!

Santa's World - An Educational Christmas Game for Kids and Elves Alike!The real fun of Christmas is experiencing it with your children. Santa’s World is a fun Christmas-themed game that encourages learning through task-based activities.

Whether you are helping to get Santa dressed for his big night full of gift deliveries, helping the elves to build toys in the workshop, learning the alphabet by identifying toys that correspond to each letter, or trimming the Christmas tree by matching colorful ornaments and lights, your little one will get more excited about the holiday season. The challenge I pose to you is to try and avoid feeling a little extra Christmas spirit when you are done!

Now with that said, part of the charm found inside this app is the potential to be a little unexpected. And why not? I don’t see why there is any reason that Santa can’t command his sleigh wearing a purple coat and sporting a stylish green mustache!

The app is recommended for children between the ages of 1 and 7. I think 3-4 year olds would really be the ideal age group, as those children are old enough to understand that something special is happening at this time of year, but young enough to really use their imaginations and benefit from the lessons being taught.

What I liked: I love games that sneak in learning opportunities without your children noticing.

What I didn’t like: Some of the graphics felt a little unnatural. They are colorful and fun, but while dressing Santa I noticed that his feet sit at a very unusual and uncomfortable looking angle (as an example).

To buy or not to buy: This is a cute game and I believe young children would really enjoy playing it.

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  • Galen Bradford

    Love this app! One of my kids favorites this month on the iPad