Thieves Steal 125 iPads From Best Buy (Again!)

Last Thursday thieves broke into a Best Buy in San Carlos, CA and made off with an entire steel rack containing at least 125 iPad 2s in less than a minute.

As improbable as it sounds, police believe two men opened the front door and then slid under a security roll-up door. The men then sprinted to the iPad display area, grabbed the tablets, and exited through a fire door.

This heist marks the second time in two months that a large number of iPads were stolen from a Best Buy store.

Although the theft was caught on the store’s security camera’s the men, who were dressed in black from head to toe, never looked at the camera.

Sheriff’s officials estimate the value of the tablets at over $100,000. The retail cost of an iPad 2 ranges from $499 to $829, depending on storage capacity and 3G capability.

Whether the crime was a copycat or an inside job is currently a matter of speculation at the moment because the suspects remain unidentified and at large at present.

What will become of the stolen iPads? Will this theft put a dent in the supply of iPads in the Greater San Francisco area this holiday season? Share your thoughts about this incident in the comments.

[via CNET, KPIX]

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  • Anonymous

    This is just crazy stupid.  Best Buy needs more security and Rottweilers!