Tablet Users Are Less Stressed Out When Holiday Shopping

Research and analysis blog ZMags recently commissioned a research project involving tablet owners from Equation Research. According to their findings, 87 percent of tablet owners are doing their holiday shopping from their devices and they enjoy it.

Dubbed “couch commerce,” tablet users will spend an average of $325 from the comfort of their large-screen mobile devices this holiday season.

Tablet owners are finding online shopping to be an enjoyable experience. According to the survey, “Twenty-four percent of tablet owners also like how the tablet experience facilitates easy browsing and helps them discover products via retailers’ sites, digital catalogs and apps.” More than half of users surveyed feel more indulgent and generous when shopping on their tablet.

The iPad is a great way to do your holiday shopping. With so many shopping apps and digital catalogs to help you brows brands, retails stores and categories, it is fun to experience consumerism in this way. According to the survey, tablet shopping isn’t a fleeting trend either. Fifty-five percent say they will do more of their holiday shopping from their tablet, whereas only 19 percent of smartphone owners want to go through that experience again.

Tablet owners aren’t just buying the little things on their list either, ZMags learned that they are buying diamond rings, cars and other big-ticket items, right from their device. So, investing in an iPad for you parents, spouses or bosses may just pay off in the long run.

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