PDF Connoisseur (Kdan Enterprise iPad Edition) – iPad App Review

PDF Connoisseur (Kdan Enterprise iPad Edition)I was excited to hear that the folks at Kdan Mobile Software were releasing another app and I was even more interested in getting the chance to play with it. PDF Connoisseur wants to be the “one and only PDF app you will ever need on your iPad” and I can say now that I don’t see any reason why it can’t be.

With more business being conducted using PDFs, success means being able to boast a feature list that includes “Save to PDF, Text-to-Speech(TTS), PDF form filling, file transfer, annotation, file scanning, and fast rendering speed.”

All of the standard features you would expect in a PDF reader are found in this app but the real delight is in the annotation. Select a block of text underline or strike-out pieces as you need, apply highlighting, add your own drawings and notes and then save for review later.

Nearly any document format can be read by PDF Connoisseur and saved to PDF which is especially handy when you receive a document to your iPad (or pick one up from your cloud storage or virtually any website) and want to do a quick conversion.

What I liked: The interface is very easy to work with and navigate through. The menus are all very responsive and feel efficient to work with.

What I didn’t like: It may seem like a small thing but in the documentation ‘File Manager’ is misspelled as ‘File Maneger’. In a business-related app that boasts excellent document management a quick spell-check would go a long way.

To buy or not to buy: PDF Connoisseur is a solid, full-featured app that would be a welcome addition to the iPad of anybody that needs to work with PDFs on a regular basis.

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