OnLive Releases New iOS App and Controller for Mobile Cloud Gaming

Cloud-based gaming pioneer OnLive is preparing to release console-style gaming to tablets and phones with its new OnLive app for iOS and Android. With the app and cloud connectivity, high performance games will be able to be played on mobile devices using just a 4G LTE or Wi-Fi connection for streaming.

The new mobile service will come equipped with a library of 25 console-class games that have been adapted with touch screen controls, including titles like L.A. Noire, Assassin’s Creed: Revelations, and LEGO Batman. With an additional Universal OnLive Wireless Controller purchase, OnLive users will be able to access and play all of the 200 games that OnLive currently supports.

OnLive offers over-the-air gaming rentals and purchases at prices ranging from $3.99 to $49.99, plus a $9.99 monthly service for unlimited access to over 100 games. The service was originally released in June of 2010, for PCs, Macs, and connected televisions. The mobile version was originally demoed on E3, and the kinks have been worked out allowing for a public release.

With the OnLive service, games are instantly available for play on any supported device, without the need for discs or lengthy downloads. Games purchased through a PC or Mac can be played on any other OnLive app device. Thanks to cloud technology, you can start a game at home, and continue playing the same saved game on your phone or tablet.

The OnLive app will be released into the App Store shortly, and will be available to download for free. The compatible Universal OnLive Wireless Controller will be purchasable in the OnLive web store for $49.99.

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