Grimm’s Hansel And Gretel Interactive Children’s Pop-Up Book

Before VHS, DVD and computers, kids would spend a lot of time with books. The pages had to be colorful and interesting or little ones would be tugging at mommy’s pant leg within minutes. The word “interactive” used to mean something completely different. Pop-up books were all the rage 30 years ago, but have since lost their “wow factor” with the advent of digital books. Grimm’s Hansel and Gretel~ 3D Interactive Pop-up Book brings the magic of pop-up to life on the virtual pages of the iPad and these pages won’t tear after only a few readings.

The book has a read-to-me feature, making it easy for new readers to hear the story without having to worry about the semantics. Pages are designed to look like they came right out of a book from grandpa’s shelf. There are pages of text, intermixed with pages of interactive pop-up pictures. On the pop-up pages, kids can play games of find-the object, help Hansel and Gretel through a maze, help the children’s father build and decorate a tree house, and all sorts of mini games.


The art style is perfectly matched with the slightly-morbid, but purely innocent tale of adventure. The gingerbread house looks good enough to eat. The book’s designers politely avoid any gruesome imagery from the original story (you won’t be pushing the witch into an oven or anything), so your little one won’t be confused.

While this book is beautiful and engaging, it is missing one important detail. There is no highlighted read-along text. Nearly every digital children’s book in the App Store includes the option to have words highlighted, or change color as they are being read. Its omission was a surprise. This missing feature does not detract from the book’s quality or ability to entertain children, but hopefully the developers will reconsider including highlighted read-along text in an update.


What I liked: The interactive pop-up pages are entertaining and engaging. The art looks fantastic. The developers manage to make the pages seem both three-dimensional and two-dimensional at the same time.

What I didn’t like: The missing feature of highlighted read-along text.

To buy or not to buy: Yes. The book is beautiful. The story is classic. The price is right.


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