Rumored Apple Television Available in 3 Sizes?

According to Australian news site Smarthouse, Apple is planning to offer its rumored Apple branded television sets in three different sizes, between 32 and 55 inches. The sets are also rumored to feature Siri integration and the same A6 processor that will be featured in the next generation iPad.

Smarthouse’s information is coming from a source in Japan, which says the TVs will have an all new software interface, and will compete with the new Smart TVs from Samsung and LG, which come equipped with built-in processors and OLED/Super HD displays.

There was no mention of release dates or pricing, but current predictions from Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster have the TV coming out during the 2012 holiday season, with a price that is double that of equivalent televisions. The higher price is justified, he says, by the integration with other Apple services such as the cloud, apps, and voice commands.

If these rumors are true, then Steve Jobs’ dream of an Apple television set may just come to fruition within the next year or so. A TV that I can command to play and record shows and movies? I can hardly wait.

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