The noisy book Games – Kids Will Love It, Parents Will Hate It

The noisy book Games is an iPad adaptation of Soledad Bravi’s international best-selling book for children, written for kids between ages two and five. Children will love discovering pictures of animals, objects, toys, and more, and learning the sounds that they make.

This app has four fun sections for children to explore: discover the sounds; 1, 2, 3 sounds; a memory game, and a noisy rap. Each one features an interactive game or musical experience that is engaging with plenty of silly sounds to emulate.

Discover the sounds allows children to click on an image and then get the associated sound. For example, clicking on the raindrop plays the rain animation, and the narrator says “the raindrop goes PLOP PLOP PLOP.”  This mode incorporates some inaccurate but instructional sounds, such as the power socket that goes “NO!” In this mode, you can also opt to have a parent read and make the sounds rather than using the built-in narration.

1,2,3 sounds is a sound memory game, where sounds are played in succession, and your child must remember the beat. For example, the app will start out with a dog barking, and after your child taps the dog, it will play a dog barking and then a cat meowing, and kids have to tap the corresponding pictures in the correct order. This mode has a slight learning curve, as it is sometimes difficult to distinguish the correct sounds for each picture. I didn’t immediately know what sound a baby bottle made, or what animal was making a “beep beep” sound.


Memory Game is what it sounds like, a visual memory game where two different cards must be matched up out of a whole display of cards. There are three different difficulties, which use eight cards in easy mode and 16 cards in hard mode. When a match is made, the sound of the image is played.

Noisy Rap is the noisiest and most fun section of this app. Kids choose from one of three rhythms (city, countryside, and nature), then go crazy adding all kinds of sounds to the mix. Each rhythm uses a different set of 12 sounds, so there are a lot of musical possibilities. Unfortunately, children can’t save their creations to play later, which was a bit disappointing.

There are a lot of fun noises to explore in The noisy book Games, which are humorous, amusing, and engaging. The app is cute and funny, though it is more of a tool for entertainment rather than education, since it does have some silly additions.

What I liked: I liked that there were silly sounds included, and I hope updates to this app will add even more sounds, that are both serious and funny.

What I didn’t like: Even with my iPad muted, this app made noise. The noise of something in the app also does not stop playing when I click back to the home menu. It would be nice to be able to customize this app to allow parents to choose whether they want it to say mommy or daddy. Currently several aspects of the app utilize just “daddy,” making this unsuitable for children in different situations.

To buy or not to buy: Kids love noisy stuff, and your young kids are going to love this app. Parents, unfortunately, might not enjoy this app quite as much, because it is entirely noise-based and some of those noises are downright annoying after the first couple of plays.

  • App Name: The noisy book Games
  • Version Reviewed: 1.0
  • Category: Games
  • Developer: Europa Apps
  • Price: $3.99
  • Score:

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