TAB Rest Makes iPad Surfing Easier

iDevice accessory maker newMacgadgets has a new product release that’s so simple you will wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. The TAB Rest is a foam cushioned wrist rest and cushioned support for your iPad or other tablet/eBook that makes long periods of device usage more comfortable.

This smartly designed support stand is meant to sit in your lap, and it props your iPad up at an ideal viewing angle for gaming, reading, typing, and more.

Many lap rests are unnecessarily large, heavy, and flat, making them less than ideal for tablet usage, but that is not the case with this simple solution.

The TAB Rest is ideal for lap usage, but it can also be used as a stand for typing on top of a desk or a table. It’s great for surfing the web in front of the couch, relaxing in the recliner with a good book, or resting in bed with an exciting new game. As an avid iPad reader, I can attest to how tiring it is to hold the tablet up for hours at a time, making this a must have accessory.

It’s also perfect for kids, who may have a hard time holding onto the heavy iPad. With the TAB Rest, the iPad can rest safely in laps, which is the perfect solution for car trips. Because it’s made of a high density foam, it’s lightweight and easy to carry. It’s also compact enough to fit into a small carry bag when traveling.

Technically you could probably fashion one of these yourself out of the packing foam that is used to ship electronics, but it’s hardly worth the effort when the TAB Rest is so reasonably priced. You can get one on the newMacgadgets website for just $14.95.

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  • Jackson

    I did think of it.  I have a version for my Netbook computer. Just wonder why it took someone so long to offer it. Maybe next time I’ll open a Kickstarter account.  😉

    • Juli Clover

      Ha, you should have! It’s a smart idea. A foam stand that could be compressed into a smaller size to fit into a purse would be an even better idea, maybe you could pursue that – like one of those stress balls :)