$399 iPad 2s available at TJ Maxx (YMMV)

It looks like the folks at TJ Maxx managed to get a hold of a stash of cheap iPads, as some of the chain’s stores are selling today brand new iPads for only $399 (plus tax), a handsome $100 discount when compared to the regular price.

Note that according to tipsters, these iPads were meant to be sold on Black Friday and were put on display a little too late– if you haven’t bought one last Friday and were planning to buy it for Christmas, you may want to swing by your favorite TJ Maxx (or Marshalls) as soon as you can, just in case one of these puppies is actually for sale.

TJ Maxx already ran a similar sale last year (picture: first gen iPad, credit: engadget)

Note that we called a couple of our local TJ Maxx to confirm (Dallas TX, Plano TX and Richardson TX locations), do not rejoice too fast, only a handful of stores seems to be selling them– your mileage may vary.

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    Wow.. .$100 off for iPad 2s. Great