Learn Santa’s Delivery Secrets in the Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook

Arthur Christmas Movie StorybookHow does Santa deliver all of those presents in one night? The answer is in the Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook! From the moment you open this app there will be no doubting the production value. The graphics are incredible, the soundtrack is powerful and crisp. It feels like you have stepped into the movie. Using content from the feature-film, the story unfolds with a high-tech operation in the North Pole that functions as Santa’s command center… but a gift is left behind and it is up to Arthur to be sure the intended child will not go without on Christmas morning!

Older kids can read the story for themselves if they choose, while the little ones can sit back and enjoy the first-class narration.

Some of the pages contain interactive content like slider bars to make elves descend into action or swiping to distract away the hungry lions. These little features add a lot to the story.

From any page in the story you can pull up a Christmas count down timer! While this may cause parents a little angst as they realize how little shopping time is left, I think it will help to generate enthusiasm as well as provide a reason to come back to this app time and again!

Arthur Christmas Movie Storybook Screenshot

What I liked: I love that the character voices in the app are the same as those from the film. I think audio is a real identifier for children and it makes the app feel much more authentic.

What I didn’t like: I like when the story text highlights as the words are read because I think it helps children to learn and follow along and this feature isn’t available. I also wish there was a more distinct way to turn the pages. While I think we are getting used to the ‘swipe-to-turn’ motion, it can actually be a bit tricky for small fingers to get it right the first time whereas tapping on something like an arrow is much easier.

To buy or not to buy: One of the best things about being a parent is experiencing the holiday season with your children. Being partnered with a movie that is sure to be a success, this is one app that you can bring out again next year as well!

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