LaunchPort – A Convenient Way to Mount and Charge Your iPad 2

LaunchPort’s inductive charging system for the iPad 2 was originally announced back in September, and now the ultra-expensive wireless charging equipment is available for purchase on the company’s website.

With the LaunchPort, your iPad can be mounted and charged almost anywhere, using magnets and inductive charging. The two-part system consists of a PowerShuttle and a BaseStation, as well as an optional WallStation. Used in combination, your iPad can be mounted to a wall or a desk and easily removed for use at any time from its wireless magnetic connection.

The PowerShuttle, which is available in black or white, is a soft-touch sleeve for the iPad 2. It is used to mount your iPad to the BaseStation or WallStation, and has a built-in wave guide for the iPad 2 speaker that amplifies and redirects sound. A mini USB port allows for charging and syncing while on the go, and with its included magnets, the PowerShuttle allows the iPad to be mounted to any metallic surface.

LaunchPort’s BaseStation is designed for table top use and provides a connection point for the PowerShuttle. While attached, the iPad will charge at the same rate as it does with a traditional iPad adapter. The BaseStation is constructed from brushed aluminum to match your iPad, and because of its size, it will take up some significant space on your desk.

The WallStation works in the same way as the BaseStation, but installs directly into your wall. The company claims that anyone can install the WallStation, but unless you’re particularly handy, you may need some outside help. With the WallStation, your iPad can be magnetically mounted to the wall, and will charge while attached.

Inductive charging and grab-and-go capabilities are convenient, but convenience doesn’t come cheap. The mandatory PowerShuttle costs $149, while the BaseStation and the WallStation are $199 each. For the benefit of the full system, you’re looking at spending over $540, which is the cost of another iPad. For more information on the LaunchPort system, or to purchase, head on over to the LaunchPort website.

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