Rumor: iTV Headed for Production, Apple Chooses Sharp over Samsung

According to the New York Post, Peter Misek of Jefferies is predicting that Apple’s newest project, dubbed “iTV,” could be on store shelves as early as next summer.  Misek, an analyst at the New York-based firm recently spend some time visiting industry players in Japan and has come back with this striking bit of news.

Apple has also, apparently, decided to go with Sharp over Korean-based Samsung Electronics for supplies.

The New York Post reports Misek as saying that Sharp “[W]ould begin shortly manufacturing screens for the new iTVs.” This news coincides with the big reveal of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs’ biography stating that he has always wanted to do for television what he had done for computers.

Speculation is flying around the internet as to what the iTV will look like. Earlier this month, Padgadget reported on a design mock-up of a potential Apple television set by artist Guilherme M. Schasiepen. The conceptual images seem like a likely candidate for the future living room appliance. It is possible that the new TV will look a lot like an iMac with Apple TV built into it.

Television sets, box-top sets, console games and other media-watching devices like DVD players and Blu-Ray players have established themselves firmly in the market. Offering a single unit, a TV set, that will eliminate the need for all of those investments may be a few years too late. Consumers have already out a lot of money into these gadgets and may be resistant to something that makes all of their hard work wasted time.

If the iTV really makes it to shelves next summer, it may be too early. The iPad came out at a time when PCs and laptops were becoming old news and consumers were looking for something different to “wow” them. The numbers have shown that the iPad is pulling people away from the traditional computer experience. A 2012 release of a wow-inspiring television set may be ahead of what the tech-buying world is ready for.

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