References to iPad 3, iPhone 5 and Apple TV 2 Within iOS 5.1

iOS 5.1Developers now have their hands on iOS 5.1, the latest beta release of Apple’s mobile operating system. As per usual, inquiring minds are sifting through the code looking for hints toward what Apple may have in store for us in the coming months. Like any rewarding treasure hunt, this code-base didn’t disappoint.

Several hints were spotted including apparent future versions of the iPad 2, references to the iPad 3 as well as the iPhone 5 and next generation Apple TV.

So what’s this about updates to the iPad 2? Several theories exist, such as it being a reference to the new Sprint version of the tablet. Some think it might be a version of the device destined for China, whether that means TD-LTE or a dual-mode tablet modeled after the iPhone 4S. This may all seem like very boring news to those of us waiting for the iPad 3, but more markets and increased consumer appeal is always a good thing for Apple, iOS developers and provides more solid insurance toward future hardware development.

The updated Apple TV reference is perhaps the most exciting news next to the new iPad and seems to be getting closer to reality because we have learned that it now has a J33 codename. Though it is impossible to tell at this early stage, the naming convention following suit with how the iPad was named may mean the new Apple TV is looking at similar hardware upgrades (A5 chip for instance)… but what other similarities might there be? Did somebody say the addition of a display? It’s all just a series of suppositions, but you never know.

And not to be left out, the often-romanced and already beloved iPhone 5 would also seem to be a part of this new beta in some way and some how. While the iPhone 4S had a 4,1 identifier, this new phone is being referenced with a 5,1. Whether it is wishful thinking or not, this would seem to indicate a significant upgrade in the words… perhaps looking at an A6 processor and if there is a higher power listening it will have a new casing. Not because I have any problem with the existing form factor but because I am not sure many of us reporting on the news could stand the backlash that would be the result if it looks the same on the outside yet again.

So which product update are you most excited for?

[via 9to5mac]

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