Lilly’s Little Touch Book – iPad App Review

“Art-making of consequence” is a phrase I sometimes hear describing art that has the goal of making a difference. Author Pamela Sloane-Bradbury is releasing books which are both artful and which make a difference.

In Little Lilly’s Touch Book, children with Sensory Processing Disorder are not labeled, separated, or even defined. Instead, the story embraces all children by looking at symptoms (which makes it accessible by all readers with similar symptoms) and not a specific disorder. The goal of this series of books is to help children with special needs.

The story follows Lilly as she experiences different textures in a variety of locations. The first thing we learn is that Lilly likes to dance! With her shoes off, though, she doesn’t like to play in the sandbox or walk on the grass. From the developer’s website:

Approximately 17% of all children have some type of developmental disability, and the number is growing every day.

We know that not all kids are the same, so each book addresses a different symptom, not a disorder. This way, our stories can benefit “typical” children who might have difficulties in one area while also helping kids diagnosed with learning disabilities.

What I liked: I have an autistic child and he is constantly dealing with sensory issues. This story is an excellent way to experience his world and it also allows us to talk about what he is experiencing. Each “page” is interactive and fun to read, but the inclusiveness is my favorite part. It allows my son and I to find common ground and realize that in many ways we are not so very different.

What I didn’t like: The weakest part for me was the quality of the narration. Because of the audience of this book I thought the pace should have been a little slower to allow the listener time to understand. This is just a small thing, and overall the book is quite nice and effective.

To buy or not to buy: Even if your children do not have “sensory” issues, they still will enjoy following Lilly through this story. If nothing else, it will help them see the world through others’ eyes. If your children do struggle with sensory processing, then this is a great resource. Yes, buy this book!

  • App Name: Little Lilly’s Touch Book
  • Version Reviewed: 1.01
  • Category: Books
  • Developer: Extra Special Kids, LLC
  • Price: $2.99
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