Aaron Sorkin Considering Writing a Steve Jobs Movie

Aaron SorkinWhether we knew which company would place the winning bid or not, I doubt anybody was really surprised when Hollywood expressed interest in producing a movie version of the Steve Jobs biography. In the end, Sony acquired those sought-after movie rights.

And who better to bring that story to life than the man who quite successfully translated the story of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg into the award-winning movie, The Social Network, last year. If the rumors prove to be true it is looking like Aaron Sorkin may be considering this hefty job.

Even before there is a script to deliver, A-list actors are clamoring to play the lead. George Clooney has apparently expressed interest in the part though many feel the hauntingly accurate representation of Jobs given by Noah Wyle in the 1999 movie The Pirates of Silicon Valley makes him a more logical choice. But we really are in the early stages of this project and if it does come to life then I think we can expect other options will emerge.

It won’t be an easy role to play. Rapid and extreme mood swings with a healthy dose of manic behavior, balanced with the kind of determination and genius that made Jobs the man he was could be difficult for somebody to properly capture. Geeks everywhere will be looking to this movie to make them feel for a moment like Jobs is still with us. No pressure though.

It is difficult to know whether the intensely private Jobs would have loved being brought to the big screen or if he would have loathed it. Are you excited by the idea of a movie based on the life of Steve Jobs?

In order to make a decision on whether he will participate in the project, Sorkin has said he is reading Isaacson’s book –but he didn’t mention whether he was reading it on an iPad.

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