Amazon Kindle Fire Is Hot, But Still Not Much Competition For The iPad

Kindle FireChangeWave Research recently released the results of their latest tablet market survey and it turns out that the iPad is still the preferred purchase of two out of every three future buyers. Although the iPad still has the lead, the Kindle Fire is set to burn past the non iOS competition to earn the number two spot in the tablet race.

According to the market analysis company, “Amazon is going to leapfrog the competition and become the number two product in the tablet market, as long as the Kindle Fire can provide a quality user experience.” For the first time since the iPad hit the retail shelves, another tablet has made it to the double digits in terms of future sales. Sixty-five percent of consumers surveyed said that they planned to buy an iPad, while 22 percent said they were likely to purchase the Kindle Fire.

While this survey may not affect Apple too much, it strikes a painful blow to other companies trying to compete in the tablet market. With the recent report that the likes of Hewlett-Packard, Dell and Acer plan to phase out their tablet departments in order to focus on more profitable areas of business, it looks like Amazon has managed to wipe the “slate” (pardon the pun) clean of all other competitors. The Samsung Galaxy Tab was the top contender for second place until recently, garnering a mere four percent of the market share. All other’s fell in at less than one percent.

This holiday season will likely make or break the iPad’s competition. Will anyone, other than Amazon, still be in the running once consumers have made their holiday purchases? Hopefully, Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) will see some fantastic deals on tablets that may increase their overall numbers this year.

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