Bullet Time HD: Battle Savage Mutants in a Post-Apocalyptic World

The developers of the popular iOS game Frisbee Forever have a brand new offering in the App Store this week, featuring action adventure gameplay in a massive 3D world. Bullet Time HD, a dual stick shooter, is reminiscent of games like Borderlands.

Set in a vivid post-apocalyptic world, the game takes players through the story of John Irish, who has lost his family to mutated beasts. During the course of the game, players will help Irish get his family back from the savage beasts while completing quests and finding hidden secrets. Can you survive in a world where mankind has been decimated and dangers lurk around every corner?

Players can create unique characters, and will gather powerful gear sets and weaponry playing through two massive campaigns. Both character and gear customization are extensive, allowing for many different options and paths.

Multiplayer gameplay is available as well, and players can team up to take part in three-person co-op games. There are achievements to earn and leaderboards to top, thanks to Game Center integration.

The game uses the Unity 3D engine with Retina graphics and is optimized for the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4S, but it is available on older platforms like the iPhone 4, iPhone 3G, and the original iPad as well.

Bullet Time HD is available for free, and unlike many “free” games, this one does not require in-app purchases to progress at a reasonable rate. Hit up the App Store in order to check it out.


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    “The game uses the Unity 3D engine with Retina graphics”  HAHA 😀