Add Some Personality to Your iPad with the JAVOedge Axis iPad 2 Case

I know that many of you are already shopping for your holiday gifts, and at PadGadget, we like to provide you with information on gifts that your Apple-loving iPad-owning friends and relatives will just adore. There’s no better gift than a stylish and functional iPad case, like the Axis iPad 2 case from JAVOedge.

The Axis case for the iPad 2 has everything the discerning iPad owner wants in an iPad case. It comes in a wide range of eye-catching colors and designs, it has sleep/wake functionality, it’s secure and protective, and it supports multiple viewing angles.


The Axis case has a unique design that is unlike any other iPad case that I’ve seen. The outside is fabric covered while the inside front cover is rigid with grooves that are used for positioning. It is much sturdier than the typical smart cover style case, which offers better protection for the iPad and allows for a stable viewing surface.

The back cover is made from a hard plastic, which the iPad snaps into securely. The unique feature here is that the back cover is connected to the front cover with a T-shaped attachment, allowing the cover to rotate in 360 degrees for hands-free viewing in both landscape and portrait mode.

The back of the outer hard plastic shell is covered with a faux leather for grip and style, and the inside of the fabric cover is a soft suede-like material to prevent scratches on the iPad’s display. A flap on the right hand side of the case is magnetic, allowing for sleep/wake functionality that does not activate when the case is closed. Every port is available for use, including the camera, thanks to careful cutouts in the plastic.


I reviewed and used two different Axis designs over the past week and a half. The first has a gorgeous, smooth fabric with multi-colored blossoms on a black background, with plenty of shiny gold accents, which is the “Evening Bloom” design.  The second has a velvety purple ruched fabric with a chevron design, which is the “Chevron Scrunch” case. This one had a purple backing, while the Evening Bloom had a black backing.

Both cases are stylish and clearly aimed at female iPad owners, which is nice because not many cases out there cater to women who may want something different than the standard neutral colored case. These are beautifully designed and come in a wide range of patterns and colors. Of course, there are more masculine colors and patterns too, so the Axis case is perfect for everyone. In total, there are 33 different colors and designs available.

I was able to throw these cases into my purse along with everything else that I carry, and they held up well with no discernible wear or damage, even though I’m rough on my iPad gear. These are high quality cases with sturdy materials that will withstand daily usage and continue to look great.


The 3-groove design of the JAVOedge Axis case allows it to be manipulated into multiple hands-free viewing angles in portrait and landscape mode. You can find the perfect angle for whatever you’re doing, from typing an email to watching television to playing games in bed. The Axis worked great when I watched a movie in bed, and the second landscape setting was perfect for playing games while sitting on the couch.

For regular use, you can hold the case while open like a book, or fold the cover back. It works in either position, though folding it back causes it to be a bit springy because of the T-shaped design. I didn’t find folding it back to be as comfortable as holding it open.

The Axis is thicker than some of the other bi-fold cases you may have seen, but not so thick that it can’t easily fit inside a purse, a bookbag, or even a hand if you carry your iPad. The thicker design allows for greater protection of the iPad – I do not doubt that my iPad would survive a short fall in this case – and provides a foundation for the wide range of movement. All sides of the iPad are adequately covered with the case, and the front cover and its T-shaped swivel wraparound are well padded for extra protection.

Many iPad cases with a Smart Cover fold design are not sturdy when propped up into different angles. That is not true of the Axis case, which is probably the sturdiest multi-view case I’ve seen. I’ve had similar cases collapse under the weight of the iPad, or slowly unfold and collapse, but that does not happen here, thanks to the thick grooves that line up perfectly with the bottom of the case.


The JAVOedge Axis iPad 2 case is cleverly designed and will do everything that you expect an iPad case to do. It’s ultra protective, flexible, and stylish. This is a great case to pick up if you regularly use the iPad in a way where hands-free viewing and multiple vertical and horizontal positions come in handy, such as movie viewing and use in places like the bed and the couch.

The Axis iPad 2 cases can be purchased on the JAVOedge website for $42.92. The two cases shown in the review are the Evening Bloom and the Purple Chevron Scrunch.

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