Samsung Attempts to Avoid Injunction with Galaxy Tab Redesign

Back in September, tablet maker Samsung was prohibited from selling its Galaxy Tab in Germany, after a German judge ruled that the Galaxy Tab’s design imitated the look of Apple’s iPad.

In an attempt to get around the injunction, Samsung has changed the Galaxy Tab’s design. The South Korean company modified the frame and the location of the speakers. The new Galaxy Tab 10.1N will go on sale as early as this week.

The design change will, presumably, allow the company to sell the tablet in Germany. According to Hong Won Pyo, executive vice president at Samsung, the company can “immediately” create alternative designs to resolve legal problems. “If you can make quick changes and keep selling, I don’t see why you shouldn’t do it,” said Kim Chang Yeul, a Seoul-based analyst at Mirae Asset Securities Co. “It’s not that difficult technologically.”

Galaxy Tab 10.1 Top, Galaxy Tab 10.1N Bottom

Samsung used the same tactic last month, changing the photo browsing capabilities of three different Galaxy phones in order to bypass the Dutch injunction that Apple won in August. As an outside observer, it seems like a shady tactic to copy a design and then tweak it slightly, but from a business standpoint, it’s a smart move. As the world’s current top cell phone distributor, Samsung can hardly afford injunctions without risking its ranking.

Samsung and Apple have been embroiled in a legal battle since April, when the Cupertino based company accused Samsung of copying the design of the iPad an d iPhone. Since then, the two have traded accusations and lawsuits, with court proceedings pending in several different countries. There is no word on whether Apple will fight the new Galaxy Tab 10.1N to continue to keep Samsung from selling in Germany.

[via Bloomberg]

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