Navigon Updates iOS GPS Apps

The German-based manufacturer of GPS devices and software Navigon has updated its iOS GPS navigation app with several important updates. The most notable of the updates is the possibility of downloading maps in the U.S state by state.

What would be the point of that you may ask? With the ability to download maps that focus solely on one state, users would save up to 1.7GB of storage space, the standard size of Navigon’s maps.

Storage is saved with the ability to select specific state maps to download after the application has been installed. Navigon, which was acquired by GPS giant Garmin in June this year, has  separated app and map content within the new iOS. GPS updates and  map content is treated separately from app content, and each app can be updated without having to keep reinstalling maps.

The update also includes the installation of FreshMaps, whereby users pay a one-time quarterly fee for map updates. Once users have joined up to FreshMaps they are automatically upgraded from the USA or regional maps to full North American coverage.

Other improvements to the user  interface include being able to revert back to the start screen without ending the current route – an improvement that is likely to prove invaluable as it will enable users to multitask while still keeping route information – and new multi-touch gestures. The new interface also gives users the possibility to zoom and pinch the map in 3D mode. Functions have been split into Actions and Settings menus, the former containing various options, including a points-of-interest search, allowing, we assume, users to search out all interesting landmarks and features of an area.

You have until November 30, 2011 to purchase the apps and various in-app upgrades at discounted prices. Discounts on FreshMaps, for example, range from $5 – $25, regional maps cost $20 as opposed to $30 a piece, whilst the North American app is priced at $40 until November 30, instead of $60.

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