Just Mobile Releases Gum Max Battery for iDevices

Just Mobile, creators of the fabulous AluPen and other mobile accessories, has just announced the launch of the Just Mobile Gum Max, a supercharged backup battery for the iPad and the iPad 2.

The Gum Max features a 10,400mAh capacity and a 2.1A output that has enough power to fully charge an iPad with juice to spare. It will charge an iPhone to 90% in a single hour, and can recharge an iPhone up to three times before needing a recharge itself.

With a high-grade aluminum-clad shell, the Gum Max looks simple and stylish. It’s smaller than an iPhone, and can easily fit into a pocket. Its USB output allows you to charge more than one device at once, so if you’re facing a dead iPad and a dead iPhone, the Gum Max will charge them up in no time.

Eight LED power indicators measure and monitor the Gum Max’s remaining power, so you always know exactly how much it has. It recharges from a standard USB output, which is easy to maintain. With the Gum Max, your iDevices will always be charged up and ready to go.

The Gum Max backup battery can be purchased from the Just Mobile website for $109.95.

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