Get the Treasure Before Your Opponent in The aMAZEing Labyrinth HD

Ravensburger’s Labyrinth board game was originally published in 1986, alongside the fantasy Jim Henson movie Labyrinth. It became a smash success, and spawned several other variations of the original Labyrinth game, where players raced each other to collect treasures within the maze. This year, in celebration of the 25th anniversary of its release, the game has been transformed into an iOS app.

The aMAZEing Labyrinth app keeps the gameplay of the original board game intact, but adds three new ways to play. There are two new single player options: Puzzle and Time Duel, and a new multiplayer Duel mode.

I’ve never played Labyrinth before, so this app was a new experience for me. I went into it not knowing what to expect, and I was pleasantly surprised with the gameplay. In single player Puzzle mode, the aim is to move the jumbled tiles of the board around to make a pathway so that your avatar (I chose the witch) can reach the treasure. Tiles can be moved up and down or left and right, but only within rows that have a yellow direction area.

After a tile has been moved, you can move your avatar down the pathway that was created, or leave it where it is standing to switch to the next tile move. The goal is to get the avatar to the treasure in the fewest number of moves, which can be a challenge that requires you to think several moves ahead. There are ten different puzzle packs, which equates to plenty of gameplay.


In Time Duel, you have to race against the clock to collect as many treasures as possible, one by one. The treasure you need to collect is displayed on the right, and you need to get your character to the treasure quickly. Once you have collected a treasure, you will be assigned another to grab. Time Duel is similar to the gameplay in multiplayer mode, so it is a good way to learn the game before playing against other people.

With multiplayer mode, you can play online through Game Center, or with friends using local play on the same device. In Duel Mode, the object is to collect eight treasures before your opponent does. Classic mode can be played with up to four players on one device. The goal here is to collect the proper treasure and then move your avatar back to the starting point, all by moving tiles around. Whoever can do that first is the winner.

Playing classic mode locally with a friend was my favorite aspect of the game, though I did also enjoy the single player Time Duel. This is a great way to keep older children entertained on long car trips or vacations, without worrying about losing game pieces. It’s a challenging game that’s easy to learn but difficult to truly master.

What I liked: This board game has great gameplay for two players, and it looks amazing too.

What I didn’t like: I didn’t care much for puzzle mode, which was too slow-paced and tedious compared to Time Duel and multiplayer action. I also had a hard time getting started, even with the instructions. An in-game tutorial would have made the learning process quicker. I would like to be able to play the classic game against a computer opponent, so the addition of AI would be great.

To buy or not to buy: Labyrinth fans who played this game during childhood will definitely want to download this app.

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