New Apps May Be Delayed During the Holidays

It’s generally accepted that nothing much goes on during the week of Christmas, with many businesses shutting down and giving employees extra time off for holiday festivities.

As in previous years, the App Store will be partially shutting down too, with app updates and new releases delayed or unavailable during Christmas – from December 22 to December 29.

Any developers who are planning on seasonal holiday releases, updates, or price drops need to have them prepared by mid-December, before iTunes Connect shuts down. While iTunes Connect is offline, developers will not be able to deliver updates or access iTunes Connect.

New releases scheduled for that time period will be delayed, as will pricing changes. “We strongly recommend that you do not schedule pricing changes through the interval pricing system in iTunes Connect that would take effect from December 22 to December 29. We also recommend that you do not schedule any apps to go live during the shutdown,” is what Apple wrote to developers in an email this morning.

This doesn’t mean much to us end users, other than the fact that there won’t be any new apps to play with during Christmas week. I guess that’s a bit unfortunate, since that also happens to be the week when television stations air nothing but re-runs and popular shows shut down for a winter break. Luckily, with over a million apps in the App Store, there’s plenty to fall back on. I know, Christmas is about spending time with family, but come on, we all need a break sometimes. For developers, make sure to get those Christmas price drops and new apps in early to avoid delays.

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  • Anonymous

    Juli,Thanks for the article, but I think you’re missing the news that’s relevant to us PadGadget readers. This yearly shutdown leads to a flurry of heavily discounted apps the week before, which is great for those of us already planted in the iOS garden.The reason is rather logical. App developers realized that whomever is at the top of the Best Sellers list when the system shuts down, will also be there during the entire break, exactly when thousands of new iOS devices are being opened on Christmas, and a huge rush is made to download new apps.So what they do, the week before it shuts down, is lower their prices. We’re talking $10 Gameloft games all dropping to .99. Those of us already swimming in iOS, all nab up the discounted apps, pushing them to the top of the charts.Then suddenly, just before the shut down, they boost the prices back up. Now, when the kid with the new iPad hits up the app store on Christmas Day, sees all of the Gameloft Games at the top of the charts, and starts buying them at $10 a piece. Brilliant.As a current users, I’m looking forward to the app price bloodbath the week before, because I have a huge list of apps flagged at AppShopper, that I never intend to buy unless they drop to .99. (Spoiler alert… they always do)Grac

    • Juli Clover

      Oh yes, of course. There are always many, many discounted apps during the holiday season. Thanks for pointing that out! I’ve got a few on my list too :)

    • PG_Roberto

      Agreed.  We run a daily deal price discount series. Hopefully, you’ve seen that one. We plan to continue the Daily App Deals alert throughout the holiday season as well.