Looking For A Case For Your White iPad 2? ClamCase Has You Covered

ClamCase, makers of one of the most popular Bluetooth keyboard cases around, has just announced the release of their newest addition to the family, the white case. Made from the same sturdy, well-designed model, the white ClamCase is sure to catch your eye and make your white iPad 2 look fabulous.

ClamCase has made waves with its near-perfect all-in-one case, stand and QWERTY Bluetooth keyboard.

From the release of the first-ever ClamCase, it has been reviewed in all the major gadget magazines and has been a feature article in some of the top-named Mac-related periodicals. Each new version carries the same, basic design, but gets a few tweaks to make it that much better. The newest release, the white ClamCase is being touted as, “Thinner, lighter… whiter.”

The case is made with durable, but lightweight polycarbonate plastic that protects all sides of the iPad. The keyboard is a full functioning QWERTY pad with 14 special function keys for allowing you to copy and paste, control music and more. The ClamCase keyboard for this version is also white, as is the signature 360 degree hinge.

I recently invested in the Trooper, ClamCase’s first “Inspired” series case (fashioned after Star Wars… I couldn’t pass it up) and have been using it for slightly less than three months. I love this case. It looks amazing, works spectacularly and makes writing on my iPad 2 much more efficient than the native touchpad keyboard. The sleek, white outer casing is sturdy and protective, while still looking fantastic. The 360 degree hinge makes the case versatile and functional. The keyboard, the best part of the case, feels like a full-sized pad, but fits in a 10-inch landscape.

From my personal experience, the keyboard takes a bit of getting used to. It does not always react well to touch and I find myself having to press down harder on keys than I would on a regular keyboard. That being said, it is better than any other iPad case with a keyboard that I have ever tried. The function keys are the best part of the keypad. Being able to tab to another section, copy and paste, and use key codes to control my iTunes library is fantastic.

I have experienced one other issue with my Trooper. When I flip the case around to hold the iPad like a tablet (the tablet is on top and the keyboard lays flat, flush with the back of the iPad), it will shut down on me. The ClamCase has a great feature that automatically shuts your iPad off (locks the screen in battery-save mode) when you close the case. I have a feeling that this is disrupting the ability for the tablet to sit in the reverse of “closed” without being shut off as well. I have to keep the case slightly “ajar” in order to avoid an accidental shut off.

Other than the two minor issues that I have experienced, this case is fabulous. I get compliments from strangers, and envy from friends. It makes the iPad quite a bit heavier than without a case, but I rarely need to carry it far, so weight is not an issue for me. I love the full-functioning keyboard, the sturdy protectiveness and the sleek design.

The white ClamCase is only available for the iPad 2 at a cost of $149 from the company’s website. If you don’t yet have an iPad 2, or if you prefer black, or are a Star Wars nut, you can still order the black ClamCase or the limited edition, Trooper, for the first and second generation iPad, as well.

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