In the Market for an All Around Great Stylus? Try the Aponyo Click

I’ve used and reviewed quite a few styluses, but the Aponyo Click from accessory maker Kosella is the first fabric-tipped retractable stylus that I’ve had the pleasure of using.

The Aponyo Click Stylus is an elegant stylus that writes smoothly and feels satisfying in the hand, thanks to a slightly weighted body and smooth design. If you need a stylus for note taking or sketching, this is one accessory you will want to check out. 

Construction and Functionality

Kosella’s line of Aponyo styluses uses a patented conductive fabric tip, which promises to allow the stylus to glide effortlessly across the screen of an iPad or iPhone. I was doubtful, because the previous fabric-tipped stylus that I used had some issues with continual recognition and drag, but the Aponyo Click did indeed deliver a smooth writing and sketching experience.

Design wise, the stylus is one of the shortest that I’ve used, which prevents it from giving the same experience as a pen. It’s about equal with the Boxwave and the Griffin styluses. However, the Aponyo Click has a good weight to it, which more than makes up for the size. Many styluses that I’ve used – the Pogo Sketch and the Boxwave – have been too light to replicate the true feeling of a pen. Surprisingly, it is more comfortable to use a stylus with a proper weight than to use a lighter stylus for lengthy note taking sessions.

The other major feature of the Aponyo Click is the retractable tip. Like a real pen, a click on the end will cause the top of the stylus to retract into the body. Pens have this functionality to prevent us from getting ink all over our clothes and hands when we are transporting them, but it serves a different function in a stylus. A fabric tip is slightly more delicate than a rubber tip, and the click function serves as protection when you are  not using it.

Style and Design

Like many other styluses, the Aponyo Click uses a slim, tubular design that is slightly wider than the Nataal or the Boxwave, but slimmer than the Alupen. It’s a good size for writing, and as I mentioned, it was quite comfortable to use.

The fabric tip is eye-catching, as is the simple design. The click functionality made it feel like I was using an actual pen, and the silver clip on the side made it easy to transport within a purse, pocket, or messenger bag. The Aponyo Click comes in a shiny black or white, and it looks carefully made with high-quality components, comparative to other styluses that I own.

I will offer a word of warning here: make sure you’re careful with the click portion of the stylus. I clicked mine a little too vigorously and sadly, it broke. The stylus is still functional, but the head no longer retracts into the body. I don’t believe that it is a quality  issue, as I fully admit that I clicked it harder than I needed to in an effort to get a closer look at the construction. It does come with a one year warranty if you purchase a stylus and happen to run into the same problem.

Final Verdict

I was impressed with the Aponyo Click’s construction. It may be slightly more expensive than cheaper alternatives like the Boxwave, the Nataal, or many of the other options available, but trust me, you get what you pay for.

I can tell that a lot of careful thought went into the creation of this stylus, from its perfectly balanced weight to its clickable design and unique fabric tip. It may look similar to other styluses on the market, but this one was designed with quality, comfort, and functionality in mind.

If you are in the market for a stylus that provides a smooth writing/sketching experience and plenty of comfort, I would highly suggest taking a look at Kosella’s Aponyo Click.

The Aponyo Click is currently available for purchase on, at the price of $17.95. Kosella also makes two other great stylus options: the compact Aponyo Mini ($14.95) and the two-in-one pen/stylus Aponyo Flip ($19.95).

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  • puhelinjoo

    Personally, this stylus was a bit too small for me. I am used to my TruGlide Pro from LYNKtec. It’s weighted properly and fits naturally in my hand.