Updated Netflix iPad App is Just Around the Corner

Netflix recently launched an all new version of the Netflix app for Android tablets, and the update will be coming to the iPad within the next few weeks. The update includes an all new interface, which is designed to enhance the user experience by providing easier access to content.

The new layout displays twice as many television and movie listings than before, making it simple to find exactly what you’re looking for. Users can now swipe through rows of titles, a feature that did not exist before.

In addition to an updated layout, the app also has a new navigation bar that displays shows and movies that were recently watched, for quicker access to previously viewed titles. The app will remember where the video was, when it was stopped, and a tap will resume playback. Top picks and content from the Instant Queue are displayed below recently watched content.

The blog post published by Netflix does not state an exact release date for the new iPad version of Netflix, but it does say that the release will be “in the coming weeks.”

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    Guess we are seeing the effect the kindle fire is already having on the tablet market, now android is getting attention first before the ipad..