Stand Gives Your iPad a New Place to Perch

Perch StandA new series of stands made by IPEVO offers you a new way to cradle your iPad using a sleek stand designed to hold your iPad at exactly the right height.

The Perch is available in 3 different models, each with a different intended use (though you may of course have ideas of your own on how they may best fit for you). The small model is intended for use on desktops and could easily be paired with a keyboard to be used as more of a laptop or even desktop style computer with IPEVO advising that it would also be ideal for situating your iPad on the kitchen counter and other similar surfaces.

The medium size is nicknamed the sofa model because it is ideally located at the appropriate height to use while seated. The largest model is referred to as the podium with a perfect alignment for use while standing, making it handy for cradling your iPad while you are delivering speeches or giving presentations.

These really are lovely stands with very minimal bulk. Designed with flat v-shaped legs, each stand should be very stable but also quite able to slide under things like your couch or your bed so that you can pull your iPad in nice and close. Each stand is available with a black or white finish and chosen for compatibility with either the iPad or iPad 2 model of the Apple tablet.

I have to admit that I do love the look of them, but I have two wish-list items for a second iteration. I would like to see a single stand that can be height adjusted (or perhaps just two stands, one for desktop and countertop use that is short and cannot be adjusted, and a second model that can be telescopically adjusted between seated to standing heights) and also have a cradle that can be adjusted enough that it would suit holding both iPad models (as well as future models) or even competing tablets. In households with multiple devices it is frustrating to have single-device accessories.

The Perch line of stands are available for purchase exclusively from the IPEVO website at a cost of US $49.95 for the small desktop stand, US $79.95 for the Medium stand and US $129.00 for the Large stand.

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