Fotopedia Showcases the Beauty of Japan with New iPad App

Fotopedia has released seven stunning photo apps, featuring photographs from France, North Korea, and Burma. Known as the Wikipedia of photos, the publisher has teamed up with Japanese advertising agency Hakuhodo and the Narita Airport to bring you a new set of photographs showcasing the beauty and culture of Japan.

The app has been released in an effort to drum up tourism to the country, which has suffered since the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that devastated several areas in Japan earlier this year.

Fotopedia is hoping that the app, which features over 1300 photos, will remind travelers about Japan’s incredibly unique culture and rich heritage. The universal app explores the country’s traditions, art, architecture, fashion, festivals, and pop culture.

Many of the photographs are accompanied by a Wikipedia article about the subject, so browsers can learn about Harajuku, Cosplay, Pachinko, Ikebana, Omikuji, and much more. Did you know that Japan has temples and parks where you can go just to feed deer? Or that there are cafes where people pay to play with cats?

The photographs in the app were contribted by photographer Nobert Woehnl and by members of the Fotopedia community. As with all of the Fotopedia apps, there are interactive maps, social media sharing, slideshows, and wallpapers. Fotopedia Japan also features a Trip Builder, which is designed to help travelers plan the perfect vacation.

If you’re an explorer, a traveler, a dreamer, an artist, a photographer, or just an ordinary person looking to learn a little more about Japan and experience some gorgeous photographs, than this app is for you.

Fotopedia Japan is available for download in the App Store, and it is presented for free, thanks to Narita Airport.

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