iPad Users Glued to Video, Android Tablet Owners Less Engaged

A recent study by video analytics gurus Ooyala broke down video viewing habits by device ownership only to discover that iPad users were more engaged watching video than viewers using other mobile devices or desktop computers.

Ooyala defined engagement using length of viewing and completion rate of viewing. For every minute of video viewed on a desktop, tablet viewers watched one minute and seventeen seconds of video. Tablet users also had the largest percentage of viewers that watched the entire video.

Android tablets barely made a showing in the survey. iPad comprised 99.4 percent of displays, 97.7 percent of the total play count, and 95.7 percent of the hours. Notably, Ooyala’s findings can’t be explained by the iPad’s dominant market share. The iPad controls roughly two-thirds of the market, but accounted for nearly all of the tablet video viewing in the survey, which suggests that Android users may not watch much video at all.

What makes watching video on the iPad so compelling? The survey’s findings are reminiscent of EyeTrackShop’s recent report that people spent more time looking at iOS devices than those of other manufacturers. Does the iPad’s innovative design draw viewers and then keep them tuned in to the content it offers?

It’s likely that iPad owners have access to more options for streaming video than their Android-owning counterparts. For example, Netflix eventually ported their app to the Android store, but Hulu Plus fans are still waiting for an Android app.

Whatever the reason behind the discrepancy, it’s likely to please developers (and probably advertisers) who now know they can add a video component to their apps and be confident that iPad users will tune in.

[via Electronista]

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