A Monster Ate My Homework and You Must Now Get it Back! – iPad Game Review

A Monster Ate My HomeworkWe’re all full of excuses and this game has a little fun with that theme! The premise is simple, defeat the monsters by throwing balls at them so they fall without also losing your homework. Sounds easy, right? It would be if that didn’t mean playing this game from all angles.

You start in grade one and level one and work your way up. As with many games things start off easy and get progressively more difficult so don’t let your confidence be your downfall.

To complete a level with 3 stars and therefore the best score possible, you need to eliminate the monsters in the fewest number of shots. Oh, and while you are taking aim, these monsters are sticking their tongues out and taunting you! I should also mention that it isn’t just a case of knocking these guys over, you sometimes have to hit them more than once because they actually need to fall off the box-platform and into the water that surrounds it.

If you are like me and you want to replay a level in order to gain the achievements or get a perfect score, the repeat button reloads the scene really quickly –something that a lot of games fail to accomplish.

What I liked: This game is really fun and easy to learn but difficult to master. This all adds up to addicting game-play. I also love that you can turn off the incredibly annoying background music but still hear the sound effects from the monsters or your balls being thrown.

What I didn’t like: Some of you may like it, but I hate that you can cheat and buy your way through to the higher levels without having to earn them.

To buy or not to buy: With 150 levels to play through, this game has plenty of content and is challenging enough to keep you interested. Based on this, I wouldn’t hesitate to grab it and give it a try!

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